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Blogging in India 2021 | How to create a blog on WordPress

BLOGGING IN INDIA 2021 – Hello and welcome to my blog, It’s 2021, and if you are confused about blogging and if it is still profitable in 2021, you are in the right place. Because I’m going to explain about Blogging in India 2021 and what it takes for you to create one.

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In this digital world, we consume most of the information from online sources. The Internet has become inevitable. The information that is on the internet is not present by itself.

People write and publish those all around the world. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo bring that information to our eyes.

Most interestingly, an article from HubSpot stated Google processes nearly 63,000 search queries every second.

This data can give you a simple idea of how much demand that blogging has in 2021. And also rethink if you feel that blogging is dead in 2021.

What is a blog?

A blog website is basically an informational website, where we publish a written content about any field you are interested in and express your idea to people.

The post content or articles that we find on the internet comes under blogs and people who publish these articles are known as bloggers.

Mostly, people do blogging to express their ideas, giving their own perspective over a subject, educating people, or giving a solution for the people from your end.

blogging in india 2021

Many internet users find blog posts so useful because bloggers provide value based on genuine experiences and mostly informally.

This solves the problem and helps build a powerful community in which you are more interested.

“Where the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.”

— George Siemens

Blogging also gives you the option to earn depends on how many people visiting your blog. To do that, just simply add a Google Adsense account to your blog.

And once Google approves your blog, you’ll start getting advertisements on your page and as a result, you will get paid every time.

There are also some criteria to get approved for Google Adsense. Click here to see.

What it takes to start BLOGGING IN INDIA 2021?

Remember, this is 2021 and not 2005, where you write blog articles on your passion, and publishing it gives you more views.

It doesn’t work the same now, change your blogging mindset. Think like you are starting a startup while creating your blog site rather than thinking of it to express your passion.

Though, it is true because of more competition nowadays, having a mindset of starting a startup helps you to stay motivated and go forward despite your competition.

Best platforms to start blogging in India

If you are interested in blogging and want to express your ideas online, then you have to choose a platform to write and publish your content.

Blogging in india 2021

There are many platforms available for you to do blogging, and I have mentioned some best platforms available in 2021.


Also Good;

  • Wix
  • Webflow
  • Blogger

1.Wordpress by Bluehost

WordPress is the first choice for most bloggers online. According to, over 42% of the web uses this platform. This means one in four websites you see on the internet is built using WordPress.

And this website you are looking for is also built using WordPress. Yes, I agree, for beginners and people new to the online world will struggle a bit, learning the basics using WordPress.

But trust me, it pays you in the long run. I have also created a free ebook on “How to create a blog on WordPress”. Just click on the button below and grab it.

If you want any help in starting a blog, you can DM me on Instagram or contact me via mail. Now let us answer the common question.

Who should try WordPress?

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most powerful and flexible tool with a large customizable option, you can have entire control of your website, from security to privacy. If you want to start a blog and have some plan to expand it in the future. For example, adding a shop page or coupon page or want to add a payment gateway, etc, WordPress is the best choice for you.

Just want to skip below and want to know how to create a blog using WordPress, Click here.


Squarespace is another powerful website builder to create a blog and websites. This one has almost all the features to compete with WordPress and also building a blog site on Squarespace is easy and takes less time than WordPress.

You don’t require any coding knowledge to build amazing websites in Squarespace. Its easy interface and cleanly designed themes help you in creating a cool-looking blog page.

Who should try Squarespace?

If you are having an idea to do blogging on photography, visual design, or something which you need to showcase your ideas in form of photos and images, then Squarespace will be a brilliant choice to look for.


Weebly has the easiest website editor interface among these. Many users felt it so easy to build their blog site using Weebly. Similar to Squarespace, it also doesn’t require any coding skills, and has an easy drag-and-drop interface.

You won’t get many customizable options like WordPress or Squarespace but building using Weebly can save time and you can invest remaining time on creating content for your blog.

Who should try Weebly?

If you are a beginner and thinking of starting a small blog site and do blogging in India. You can definitely consider Weebly because of its easy drag-and-drop interface and pre-designed themes to build your blog site, you can choose Weebly.

Try Weebly for free


If you are interested to create blogs with WordPress and do blogging in India, just simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Finding your niche and domain name for blogging in India 2021

A Niche is basically a specific category of interest. Choosing a specific topic to write blog articles. For example, if you are interested in fitness, you can create a blog article to educate on fitness-related kinds of stuff.

People on the internet find niche blogs more helpful. So, choose a particular niche and start writing blogs on it.

How to choose your niche to do blogging in India?

Hoe to find your niche.

Find your passion. Think of a particular thing you are more passionate about. Because if you are not passionate about what you write, you may lose interest in that. Write your top interest and fix one with which you can work in the long term.

Ensure if it has a demand now or will have in the future. Do some research, read other articles, and see whether your niche has high demand among online users. If you feel any niche will have demand in the future, you can also start writing around that niche.

Think about whether you can give a unique value proposition. This is really important because people love your blog if you give something different and interesting.


Once you found a niche topic to write about, choose a domain name that is related to your niche or your brand. If you need any help online, just go to LeanDomainSearch, a free online domain name generator.

Step 2: Get your hosting and domain from Bluehost

Although WordPress is a free open-source platform, you need to buy a good hosting site to store your data. One of the best sites to buy your hosting is Bluehost. in

Why choose Bluehost for blogging in India 2021?

With Bluehost Hosting plan, you can get your “.com” domain worth $10, totally for free for one year. And don’t need to purchase a domain separately. And if you already have a domain, you can also simply point your domain name to the Bluehost DNS server easily. click here to see how to do it or contact me or DM me, if you need any help with it.

Apart from getting a free domain, you also get a free SSL certificate that marks your website security by displaying a padlock icon in your website browser and boosts your Google ranking.

And free Bluehost SEO Tools will help you optimize your website content for related keywords used by your customers.

Step 3: Select themes and plugins for your blog

For building a blog site, choose a lightweight theme, so that it will help your website to load faster. Here are some of the best lightweight themes available in Word press.

Above mentioned themes have both free and paid themes. You can choose any of them.

If you are a beginner, go with the free ones, and later you can upgrade if you want to scale up your site experience.

And for plugins, you need a good SEO plugin and other plugins for backup and security. Here are my best picks for your blog site.

Above mentioned plugins are must-have one for blog sites. They tested all these plugins with the latest version of WordPress, so you won’t have any issues with it.

Step 4: writing And Publish your Blog

Once your site is ready with themes and installed plugins, you can start writing content on any topic of your niche.

Use online tools Google Keyword planner, Semrush, Ubersuggest to find Low competition and High search volume keywords and start writing your blog.

Finding the ” low competition and high search volume ” keyword at the earlier stages helps us rank at the top page of Google searches because articles relate to it will be less.

So if someone searches on your keyword, there is a higher chance to show your blog post to them.

Bonus tips:

Tip no.1: For best practice, Use Grammarly google chrome extension to help you in checking grammatical errors on the go.

Tip no.2: Use ” ” If you want an online tool that helps in forming catchy phrases for your blog headlines, titles, intro, conclusion, meta description. This tool will auto-generate ideas for you.

Step 5: Drive traffic from social medias

Now, this step has a major role in bringing your blog to the eyes of the people. In 2021, the way of seeing content on the internet has grown and more people are getting used to social media.

People share and like content in social media a lot compared to blog posts. So getting traffic from social media is really important.

What do you need to do?

  • Create a social media business account in big social medias like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Provide your website link or blog post link on your social media page.
  • Post some interesting content and build an audience in social media platforms.
  • Tell about your blog site and post a content that explains why people need to visit your blog.
  • Keep a track of your visitor, like from which platform they are visiting the most and other analytics using Google Analytics.
  • Engage with your audience and ask for their suggestions and get content ideas and keep writing contents and enjoy your journey!


We are hoping you have enjoyed reading our blog post and now have the knowledge to make your own blog site on WordPress and about blogging in India 2021. Please share this blog with your friends. If you have questions about creating a blog site, then please contact us. Thank you for reading. They always excite us when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this!

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