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Social Media Boon or BANE? How to use them to Grow Your Blog

Smart way to use social media

Hi and welcome to my blog: Social media boon or bane for bloggers?

Most of you at the beginning may struggle in creating a blog and wonder whether it will work for me in 2021. I will show you all the recent trends, and how effectively to use social media to generate traffic to your blog.

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2021-social media impact on blogging

Social media has affected our lives a lot in recent years. People are going crazy on social media. Even most people wake up only after checking their notifications on WhatsApp or Twitter.

Simplymugil-social media boon or bane for bloggers

Does it affect blogging? well, not exactly, social media has changed the way of consuming content online. But even now blog posts are the most shared content on the internet. 

In fact, social media helps a lot to make our blog posts reach our audiences. Scroll down to know more about how to use social media smartly.

People are more engaged with visual content, like entertaining short videos and funny memes. Rather than reading a whole news article, people prefer to check Twitter tweets and YouTube videos to know facts and information.

Type of content people like to consume

Recent Trends in 2021

No wonder that people love seeing visual content more than writing. What we see has a significant impact on what we read. That is the reason social media like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram gain so much popularity these days.

As a blogger, it is necessary to give quality and visually attractive content to stand out from the crowd. 

Smart Ways to boost blog traffic using social media-simplymugil

5 ideas to make your blog fun and informative

keeping viewers seamlessly moving with your content

Since most online usage nowadays happens on mobile devices, you need to grab their attention in fun and fantastic ways.

1. Make use some of relevant images

Adding good relevant images is a great way to express your content easily to your audience. Even if people are skimming your content, having catchy headlines and images will help your audience to understand your content quickly.

how social media help bloggers

But don’t just use random stock images available on the internet, it may lead to copyright issues. You can also use free stock images in your blog post or design your own images using the Canva-best online graphic designing tool.

2. embed relevant YouTube videos

You can also create YouTube videos using Canva or embed relevant videos available on YouTube. For example, If you are writing about any product, you can add the featured videos of the relevant products to your blog post.

Placing videos in your blog help to improve your website bounce rate. And keep your audience stay in your page for a long time

3. Try to give crisp content using infographics

Infographics are the pictorial representation of data, charts, and information. It is a way of explaining things in a graphical way.

You can use infographics to explain your ideas in a crisp and creative way. If you want to create your own infographics, you can use Canva.

social media boon or bane -how to create infographics using canva- Simplymugil

It has 100+ cool templates to choose from, I personally use Canva for all my designs, and works as smooth as butter.

4. Add some cool and funny Memes

Everyone loves memes on social media. It is quite funny and expresses messages in a simple and lovable way.

Most of the people on the internet share memes the most through Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook.

Adding your own creativity and style will help you to connect easily with your audience.

5. Show some of your Social media post

You can use your social media post and share your ideas with blog readers. you can also convert your blog visitors to your social media followers.

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How to use social media to boost site traffic

7 easy steps to generate massive traffic

The social media platform is a great way to get quality traffic to your site. It helps you to find people around your niche and audience who are interested in your niche.

1. Create a business account

Having a business account on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest helps you to track your activity and shows various insights of your engagement rates, followers’ impressions, and more.

2. Create stunning and quality social media content

You can post relevant social media posts according to your niche. Social media, like Instagram and Pinterest, are excellent platforms to reach more audiences. 

COntent ideas to post on social media

To create a social media post, you can use Canva if you are interested in accessing Canva Pro, which offers many unique templates and photos using the below button.


Sharing your valuable comment on other accounts can help you to boost your reputation among people.

3. Ask suggestions and content ideas

Make sure you interact with your followers on regular basis. Which builds a good impression among your audience.

You can also get content ideas and suggestions from your followers. Which will motivate you to create awesome content and hence your website visibility also increases.

4. Promote your blog in social media groups

Facebook groups, Quora, Sub-Reddit, are some of the excellent platforms to join hands with other people around your niche. These platforms allow us to engage with like-minded people. 

We share our information and give valuable suggestions for the same. These platforms are great since you can see many new people and can connect more easily.

Suppose you have written an article relevant to the questions asked in the group. You can advise them to visit your blog site read your article.


Don’t Spam any groups with affiliate links and irrelevant links. Whatever you share should be in such a way that it helps others in the group.

For the best practice, if someone asks questions, try to explain them in the comments, add few points and then share your blog post link to know more.

5. Promote your blog post on social media stories

Sharing your blog on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, stories creates curiosity among people.

Most people check stories-feed a lot to find what people are up to, if you share about your work, there is a great chance that they will visit your blog.

6. Use relevant Hashtag in your social media post

Using a relevant hashtag to your post will help the Instagram or YouTube algorithm to understand your posts or videos better and show your post to look-alike audiences.

If people searching for something relevant to your content, they can able to see your post and if they like your work, they may visit your blog and follow you on social media as well.

7. you can use Facebook ads to promote your blog

If you are writing about a product or service, you can use Facebook ads to promote your content on social media. 

you will have to create an Ad campaign, promotional posts and run ads on Facebook.

Facebook ads work in such a way that based on the ad preferences you give, it will show your ad to people on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

People who are interested may click on your link and visit your website. You can also track information about your Ad like 

  1. How many people it reached.
  2. how many impressions you got for the post.
  3. how many of them visited your page and more.


If you ask whether social media is a boon or bane, it is a boon. It helps a lot to boost our site traffic regardless of high completion. The way people prefer to consume content has been grown.

We bloggers also need to implement some excellent strategies to provide good quality content that people like.

At least what you need to understand is with high-quality content and good promotional strategies, you can make it to the top, whatever happens.

We are hoping you have enjoyed reading our blog post. Please share this blog with your friends. If you have questions about creating a blog site, then please contact us. Thank you for reading, they always excite us when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this!

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